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Minimum Withdraw Altered Nov 23, 2017

I would like to assure everyone that we are still here and the reason some of you haven't received your payment recently is that our time has been taken up by the things that life sometimes throws at you where you don't have a choice. But we are back and we have decided the way forward is to start fresh so we have cleared the requests and changed the minimum withdraw to $0.20 and we're ready to go. so thanks for you understanding and Best Regards

New Blog ! Apr 03, 2017

PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT OUR NEW BLOG. It's still in it's very early stages but we would like to get some opinions as we go along.

PTC & Traffic Exchange now 'https' only Feb 24, 2017

IMPORTANT ! PAID-TO-CLICK and TRAFFIC-EXCHANGE ADS (only) MUST NOW RESOLVE TO SECURE HTTPS ! Until we find a workaround any 'http' sites are not acceptable. This ONLY APPLIES to PTC and Traffic Exchange Ads ( which use an internal (timer) window ). The current workaround ( we host the banner images and url's are shortened with ( for 'http' sites only) ) works for everything else. Secure https sites are not affected ! We are currently in the process (which will take some time) of filtering the PTC and Traffic Exchange ads and denying the 'http' ones so don't be alarmed if your ad is denied. You can retract your credits to use on other ads. Google is in the process of making the WHOLE of the internet use Secure https so it wont be long before all sites follow suit. This will make your online experience with us and our advertisers very much more safe and enjoyable. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards SaiphPTC Team

IMPORTANT !!! Feb 13, 2017

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS - Please read on - We have now changed over to 'https' which will vastly improve security for all members. Google is currently engaged in changing the whole of the internet over to the much more secure 'https' secure internet which you see in the address bar. This process has only just started but we thought we would engage early on as it is more secure anyway. There is one issue and that is the links to websites and banners which are still 'http' only, these are perceived by google to be 'unsecured content'. This is where You come in - We need all of our members who have any Ads where the url (or address) points to a website which is 'http' (this is now 'unsecured content') to use a url shortener (we recommend ) that resolves to 'https', this will eliminate the problem. This does NOT apply to banners (images), these will be copied and served through our site only, if you change any banners in the future you must message us to let us know so we can change the banner again. Any that are not changed within a reasonable timeframe could be removed. We are dedicated to a safe and secure site for all our members and greatly appreciate your help in this matter. We will keep you up to date with changes that may affect you. Best Regards SaiphPTC Team

How our Members Earn with SaiphPTC Nov 30, 2016

HERE ARE SOME OF THE REASONS OUR MEMBERS CHOOSE US TO EARN & GET TRAFFIC !____ #PAID TO CLICK ADS Click links and view websites to earn cash and points. _____#PAID TO READ ADS Read advertisments and view websites to earn cash and points. _____#PAID TO SIGN UP OFFERS Get paid to signup at websites! _____#GET TRAFFIC _____#TRAFFIC EXCHANGE ADS The traffic exchange allows you to click for unique traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will receive a 1/1 ratio, meaning you will get 1 traffic exchange credit for every 1 ad you click. _____#REWARD ZONE GAME This site offers the Reward Zone Game in our traffic exchange program. The more ads you click, the better chances you have of winning some nice free stuff. _____#X-STAGE REWARDS PROGRAM This site offers a reward program for clicking ads in our traffic exchange program. Rewards are offered for both total number of clicks and daily amount of clicks within the traffic exchange program. _____#PAID TO READ EMAIL ADS Read emails and view websites for cash and points. View your profile to opt-in for receiving paid to read emails under Account/Preferences. _____#PROMOTE SAIPHPTC.INFO Promote the site and get paid for each unique visitor that views your referral URL per 24 hours. _____#PREMIUM MEMBERS EARN MORE! _____#UPGRADE & REFER MEMBERS When you are an upgraded member, you get cash bonuses whenever any of your direct referrals purchase an item from our site, upgrade, or just earn money themselves. Upgrade today and have others work for you! _____#PLUS Drawings, Prizes, Contests and More !

minimum withdraw Sep 25, 2016

The Minimum Withdraw payment is now $0.10 - due to paypal conversions. Also, Members from India, Brazil and Argentina Minimum Withdraw $1 (pay own charge) due to paypal country restrictions.

Traffic Exchange now 1:2 Jul 24, 2016

Our Traffic Exchange Ratio is Now an Incredible 1:2 We have made a Major Change to our already very popular Traffic Exchange. It's now even easier to build traffic flow to your Websites with our 1:2 Ratio Exchange. For every '1' Ad you click on you will receive '2' Traffic Exchange Credits (visitors to your page) Simply put - 'FREE TRAFFIC' for you.

Welcome all visitors! Jul 24, 2016

Create a free account and start earning with us Today !

Bot Detectors - Update May 19, 2016

NOTICE TO ALL! BOT DETECTORS WILL NOW BE SET TO ZERO OUT MEMBERS BALANCE!! This will happen for one (or more) Random Day(s) per Week. Only Human Traffic is Allowed Here. We are Dedicated to a Bot Free Site ! Please do NOT click the bot detector ads...or use bots. thankyou

Referral Builder Sep 25, 2015

Add Your Referral Links to the Referral Builder to get Referrals at other Websites from your Referrals Here!

Membership Changes May 30, 2015

Membership Changes - Have you checked out the Memberships lately ? Now all memberships are available monthly with even better benefits

cheat check May 28, 2015

Notice to all members : members with a high cheat check failures record may be suspended as this indicates bot use. Also the bot detector ad in PTR ads must not be clicked for the same reason

Lottery Winner May 05, 2015

Congratulations to the Latest Lottery Winner 'Meeble' who just won $10.00 WELL DONE !

SIGN-UP BONUS Mar 30, 2015

SIGN-UP BONUS : 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits - 1000 Banner Credits - 100 Website Visits

Notice to All Mar 02, 2015

This is a Trusted Paying Site very low minimum payout Start Earning Today ! Advertise with us with confidence increase traffic get referalls Increase sales

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I would like to assure everyone that we are still here and the reason some of you haven't received y...Read more

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